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 Manzoor Ahmed is an Associate Professor  of Qingdao University.  He completed his PHD and 3 years Post doctorate from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Tsinghua University, respectively. Main research areas: Wireless Communications, physical and MAC layer, Interference Management in 4G and 5G networks, D2D comunication, Resource allocation, caching, and physical layer security for D2D communications, Edge and Fog computing, Vehicular Edge computing, Computation offloading, Cellular connected UAVs and its resource allocation. Use of Machine learning algorithms in Wireless communication are studied. Served for 3 years as a Lecturer, 12 years Telecommunication operational experience and 3 years postdoc reseach experience. 《IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials》 (2 SCIs)、《 IEEE Transactions on Wireless communications》 (2 SCIs)、《IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology》 (2 SCIs)、《IEEE Access》(6 SCIs)、《Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies 》(2 SCIs). He has published over 29 academic research papers,  two book chapters, and one best paper award and served as reviewer in more than 10 journals and conferences.


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