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Zhou Wei, Male, Born in 1967, Senior Experimentalist, mainly engaged in the teaching of computer based experimental work.

Published a number of papers on computer as well as several textbooks and books, including “Computer Room Equipment Lightning Protection Design Analysis”, “National Computer Rank Examination-One Level”, “Three-Level Information Management Technology”, “Application Course Exercises of Computer and Information Technology”, “Three-level Database Technology”, “Computer Basic Knowledge Examination Guide”.

Completed a number of scientific research projects, mainly includedComputer based intelligent examination system, Distributed paperless examination system based on computer network, Platform construction of network teaching experiment for interactive computer basic course, The network teaching environment of interactive computer basic course based on Web, Teaching and experimental environment of VB program design based on Web"etc.

One of above project and papers won the first prize at the provincial level, one won at the provincial second prize, one won at Municipal First Prize and one won at three prize as the excellent paper awarded by City Computer Society.

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