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Professor Xiaozhu Jia was born in September 1963. He is a supervisor of postgraduate of Qingdao University. His research interests include network security and computer assited instruction. He has published more than 20 textbooks and monographs and more than 30 papers. As the principle investigator or co-investigator, he has completed 5 provincial or ministry level projects, 8 departmental level projects and more than 10 crosswise projects.

For his outstanding achievements, Prof. Jia was awarded several prizes, including: 1)One Third Prize for Science and Technology Progress (STP) of Shaanxi Province; 2)One Second Prize for STP of Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government;3)One First Prize for STP of Qingdao City;4)One First Prize and one Second Prize for Excellent Teaching Achievement of Shandong Province;5)One Second Prize for Excellent Teaching and Experimental Achievement of Shandong Province.

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