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主讲《大学计算机基础》、《Visual Foxpro程序设计》、《C程序设计语言》。


JiangShan, the member of Chinese Communist Party and Lecturer of Qingdao University, born in Xintai, Shandong in November, 1983.She received the B.S. degree indepartment of information management and information systems engineering and the M.E. degree ininformation managementfrom Shandong Institute of Business and Technology andNankai Universityin 2004 and 2007, respectively.

LecturerJiang mainly teaches the following courses: University Computer Foundation,Visual FoxPro program Design andC Programming Language.In recent years,she participated in 4longitudinal tasks and 5 crosswise tasks such as Shandong Provincial Natural Science Foundation,Shandong Province Key Research and Development Project and Applied Basic Research Project of Qingdao.Shewas also awarded a patent on invention. More than 10 articles were published, with 1 article indexed by SCI, 5 articles indexed by EI and 1teaching research paper.

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